Meet Gina

Hello and welcome to Chronically Gina!

Before I get into what you’ll find on my site, I’ll give you a brief rundown of who I am.

Gina is a blogger who lives in Altoona, PA. She writes about how to lead a less stressful life and how to live with chronic illness, and mental health struggles. Gina has had an autoimmune disease since childhood so she knows what it’s like to live with pain every day. She wants other people who have chronic illnesses or mental health struggles to know that they are not alone.

What type of content can you find at Chronically Gina?

The older I get, the more I believe in trying to live a stress-free life. Stress is not just well stressful, but it can also cause medical problems or make existing ones flare-up. You can find posts are the following topics:

*Budget Tips

* Chronic Illness

*Journaling Tips

*Mental Illness



*Stress Relief Tips

These are the key topics but others can and will be added periodically. 

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