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Depression is hidden in many people. It can be hidden from family, friends, and even the person themselves. There are 6 hidden depression signs that you should know about to make sure that you're not one of them. Depression doesn't have a face; it can affect anyone, anytime without warning.

These 6 hidden depression signs will help you detect if someone close to you might be struggling with this debilitating disease.

What is hidden depression?

Depression is a mental illness that can be hidden from both the person and their family and friends. It doesn't have a face, but it does affect everyone at some point in their lives without warning.

You are tired, you don't feel well and it is difficult to get excited about anything in your life. That is normal for humans, but if it persists then you might even have depression! If the signs are hard to read or seem out of place for what is going on right now, see a doctor.

Do you know the signs of depression? There are six hidden depression signs that you should know about.

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3 hidden depression signs

Hidden Depression Signs Number 1

  • You experience suicidal thoughts

If you have really bad thoughts, like wanting to die, it might be a sign that you have depression. When people feel intense things, they usually only do for a short time and not all the time. People will know when they are bad again and get better without any problems.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, it may be time to get help. Drugs and counseling can work wonders in these situations with no side effects or dangers. You deserve the best treatment possible!

Hidden Depression Signs Number 2

  • You experience severe fatigue

It is hard to imagine that fatigue can be more than just being tired. But it seems like the feeling of not sleeping is indicative. When you are tired but still have anxiety or depressive thoughts when trying to sleep, this may mean your exhaustion has a root cause: depression.

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Hidden Depression Signs Number 3

  • You experience unexplained body aches

If you have pain in your body that doesn't go away, it may be a sign that you may be suffering from depression. Other symptoms of depression such as low energy or not wanting to eat can also happen at the same time that the pain continues for an extended period. It could be hard to figure out what is causing the pain if it is happening with other symptoms of depression.

Some people who have depression don't notice warning signs in themselves. But there are symptoms that help you know if your sadness might need a professional to treat it. Maybe your feelings start with just thinking things aren't going well or life isn't worth living anymore. These feelings can get worse and make you more depressed, so knowing when they're getting worse can save your life from sinking deeper into despair.

My husband lives with both depression and Bipolar. He is more keenly aware of his Bipolar struggles and triggers, that he did not realize he actually has depression as well. Unfortunately, I had to point this out to him. Here are some common signs of depression that are less common.

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Hidden Depression Signs Number 4

  • You experience anger and mood swings

Depression is not just feeling sad or being unhappy. It can also be anger that you cannot control, and this might seem irrational to people who are around you. If this sounds like it's something that you experience, then it's important for people to get help because depression does not have only one cause–it has many factors coming together so there is no clear indicator of what causes depression–only symptoms about how someone might feel on the inside!

Hidden Depression Signs Number 5

  • You experience seasonally related sadness

Another type of depression is seasonal affective disorder. It can be due to sudden changes in weather. This typically only occurs during colder months, but it may happen to some people during other seasons if they are affected by changes in temperature and precipitation levels that correspond with their moods. If you find yourself being more down than usual at a certain time each year- without any event occurring- it could very likely be an indication for SAD!

You can even experience Autumn anxiety. It is similar to regular anxiety but is triggered by the change of summer to Autumn.

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Hidden Depression Signs Number 6

  • You experience a lack of focus and determination

If you barely try to do anything anymore and don't set any goals for yourself, this may be because you are depressed. But it is not always the case. Sometimes people are just tired or lazy and use depression as an excuse for that. It can sometimes show signs of being depressed though. If you have been feeling down on yourself all the time and hopeless, this could make it so that even if there is a little hope in your eyes, you don't bother doing anything anymore because it won’t matter anyway.

Depression is when you don't feel happy. You might not have any energy and it can be hard to focus. And you feel sad even when good things happen to other people. Depression gets worse because of more negative emotions, but there are ways to help it get better like talking to a friend or going for a walk with your dog.

If you or a loved one experiences any of these hidden depression signs it is a good idea to have a depression safety plan in place. It is a document that you can list the names and phone numbers of people that are willing to talk to you when you need someone to talk to.


What are some common ways to treat depression?

There are many ways to treat depression, but one way is therapy. Therapy helps people talk about their feelings and how they are feeling in order to get more energy- both physically and emotionally!

Another treatment for depression is medication. It can help you feel better by changing chemicals that might not be working well together or may just need to be balanced.

There are also a few different types of therapy that help people with depression: CBT (cognitive-behavioral) and DBT (dialectical behavior). These therapies focus on the thoughts and behaviors of people who have trouble controlling their emotions, responses to situations, or both.

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Therapy is good for relieving stress, getting a fresh perspective on your thoughts and feelings, practicing coping skills that work for you, or even just talking about things without judgment.

Hidden depression signs can be tough to detect and recognize. However, if you have a family member or friend who has been consistently displaying one of the following warning signs for more than two weeks, it is important that they get help immediately.

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These 6 hidden depression signs will help you detect if someone close to you might be struggling with this debilitating disease.
These 6 hidden depression signs will help you detect if someone close to you might be struggling with this debilitating disease.
These 6 hidden depression signs will help you detect if someone close to you might be struggling with this debilitating disease.

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